General information on birds

Since the dawn of time, mankind has dreamed of flying! From Icarus with his wax wings to Leonardo da Vinci and his avant-garde plans, not forgetting Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Aéropostale: mankind will always try to fly higher and faster. Make like the birds…

But what is a bird?
It’s a warm-blooded vertebrate which has 4 limbs (two legs and two wings!). Birds’ defining characteristics include a toothless beak, feathers, wings and oviparity. It is estimated that there are 10,000 species across the globe.
Their great adaptability ensures an enormous variety as a species: from hummingbirds in South America (2 g) to African ostriches (200 kg) and penguins in Antarctica, birds have enormously different diets, shapes, colours and behaviours – and have populated all of the earth’s environments since the dawn of time.

They have some anatomical characteristics which are similar to those of reptiles, to which they are closely related. They lived alongside the dinosaurs and can even be described as dinosaurs themselves!

At La Ferme aux Crocodiles, ten African species are free to fly. Witness our birds’ wide-ranging colours and behaviours as you admire them during the activities organised by our educational team.

Fly away with them, feel the wind in your hair and on your face, reach for the sky and “hover” over the crocodiles !

Bird species to be observed within the reserve

Abdim Stork

Village weaver – Marcel

Touraco à joues blanches - La Ferme aux Crocodiles Réserve Tropicale Pierrelatte

White-cheeked Turaco - Entoto

Hammerkop - Pepette

Scarlet ibis

Cattle egret – Jack

Blue-bellied roller – Blue Bellie

African sacred ibis – Ubie

Bearded Barbet

colombe de guinée - ferme aux crocodiles

Speckled pigeon – Guinea

Rainbow lorikeet - La Ferme aux Crocodiles Réserve Tropicale Pierrelatte

Rainbow lorikeet