« Oh look, it looks like a dinosaur! »

We very often hear this sentence in our Tropical Reserve, pronounced with a mixture of fascination and enthusiasm in front of a row of sharp teeth, scaly skin and staring eyes… It is true that the crocodiles have hardly changed in appearance over the ages, and yet no, crocodiles are not the descendants of dinosaurs, but cousins ​​with a common ancestor… nearly 250 million years ago!

Where do crocodiles come from? What makes them champions of evolution? Is it their aquatic lifestyle, providing both food and protection?

It is to answer these questions that the Crocodile Farm is opening a new adventure zone in 2022: River Monsters. Dive into the River of Time, encountering three super-predators that haunted riverbanks, marshes and other wetlands in times past: Sarcosuchus imperator, the emperor of crocodiles; the Spinosaurus, a carnivorous dinosaur larger than the T-Rex and finally the Titanoboa, a giant snake that ruled the Earth for 10 million years!

From the playground, a new playful route offers a tour of River Monsters by a set of aerial walkways stretched above our three monsters… something to delight young and old!