Abdim Stork

Don't mistake us for our european cousin

About Abdim Stork

Scientific name :

Ciconia abdimii

Common name :

Abdim Stork

Native to :

Afrique sub-saharienne, de l'Afrique du sud au Niger jusqu’à la corne de l'Afrique, avec même certains individus au Yémen

Size :

80 cm

Wingspan :

140 cm

Lifespan :

20 years

Protection status :

Least concern (LC)

Weight :

up to 1 kg

Diet :

Mainly insect, but can eat lezards, batrachians, small fish, rats, even crabs.

Reproduction :

These stork form couple tha build up big nest where the female lay 2 to 3 eggs that hatch after a month. Parent take turn to brood the eggs. The hatchlings leave the nest after 50 to 60 days.

Location in the Tropicale Reserve :

They have not yet arrived in our Tropical Reserve, but you can see them soon.

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