Sos crocodile

SOS Crocodile

In 2000, in honour of the gharials’ arrival in Pierrelatte, La Ferme aux Crocodiles created “SOS Crocodiles”, a charitable association to support reptile conservation projects in France and abroad.

After contributing to the funding and organisation of a project to safeguard gharials in Nepal from 2002 to 2004, the association provided grants for various activities in West Africa (the W National Park in Niger and the Sitatunga Reserve in Benin, via the NGO Locale Crédit ), South America (Stéphane Caut’s CROC project in Guyana) and Asia (protecting the Philippine crocodile with the Mabuwaya Foundation ).

Other local projects were funded, including a tortoise refuge in Bessière and a national plan for the European pond turtle with the Savoie’s CREN.

Today, SOS Crocodiles focuses on enhancing the visitor experience at La Ferme aux Crocodiles with educational tools.

In 2018, the charitable association part funded the addition of fun and education facilities at the park. In 2019, this work is continuing; most recently, the association has funded the renovation of the nursery, transforming it into a museum which combines living creatures and interactive facilities so that visitors can learn about reptiles’ reproduction cycles.