Village weaver – Marcel

We’re the only birds which know how to weave knots; that’s how our males make our nests at the ends of branches – they’re real works of art! We’re named after this particular talent.

About Village weaver – Marcel

Scientific name :

Ploceus cucullatus

Common name :

village weaver

Found in :

Size :

up to 18 cm

Weight :

up to 45 g.

Conservation status :

Least Concern

Lifespan :

up to 20 years in captivity

Diet :

mainly grain-eating, it feeds on flowers, nectar and insects during reproduction

Characteristics :

village weavers are small sparrows; the male has a yellow plumage with a black mask. They like to nest above water. Although the presence of crocodiles underneath the nests can be dangerous for young birds, it also offers the advantage of genuine protection from other predators.

Location in the Tropical Reserve :

the birds are free to roam; their nests are in the trees

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