Rainbow lorikeet - Nimbin

As my name imply I have all the rainbow colours

About Nimbin

Scientific name :

Trichoglossus moluccanus

Common name :

Rainbow lorikeet

Found in :

Eastern Australia

Size :

25-30 cm

Wingspan :

46 cm

Weight :

100-150 g

Conservation status :

Least Concern (LC)

Lifespan :

15-20 years

Diet :

fruits, pollen, nectar

Reproduction :

In monogamous couple, the female lay 1 to 3 eggs that hatch after around 25 days.

Characteristics :

The rainbow lorikeet posses a specially adapted tongue in form of a brush that allow it to feed on pollen and nectar

Location in the Tropical Reserve :

Aviary overhanging the python pit

Rainbow lorikeet - La Ferme aux Crocodiles Réserve Tropicale Pierrelatte

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