New nursery 

Reptile nursery & Prof Cartoux’s camp

New for 2019: the reptile nursery!

Visit Professor Cartoux’s base camp – he’s a scientist with a passion for crocodiles!

With its museum feel, this space combines living creatures with fun and educational facilities; observe the baby reptiles of some of the many species which live at La Ferme aux Crocodiles, including crocodiles, lizards, tortoises, turtles, pythons, birds and many more.

Learn about the crocodilian life cycle in this fascinating, peaceful place: from courtship dances to the hatching of eggs, not forgetting laying and incubation! Children can try their hands at being a scientists with our interactive facilities and information panels which are suitable for all reading levels.

Finish your visit to the reptile nursery by sneaking into Professor Cartoux’s tent where you can watch a breathtaking short film with images of crocodiles as you’ve never seen them before!