Forêt d’Emile Zarbre

Destroyed by a caterpillar
The Forêt des Jeux opened in Saint-Remèze in 2012. It was a unique park, combining games, art and the great outdoors, featured in some of France’s most famous guides.
But in September 2018, the box tree moth arrived. This beautiful butterfly and caterpillar feed on the box tree. In two weeks, the Forêt des Jeux was devastated. No more leaves, no more shade, an apocalyptic landscape: this incredible forest had to close. 7 years of work were reduced to nothing. The company, with its three employees, had to shut down.
But the founders refused to give up. In just a few months, they found a new forest and worked to create new trails, new paths and new games, in the hope of re-opening on 1 June 2019. They’re fighting to bring this project to life, to ensure the company’s future and to protect 3 people’s jobs. They’re fighting to transform this nightmare into a dream, to create a forest which is even more beautiful, even more fun and even more environmentally friendly.

Welcome to the Forêt d’Émile Zarbre!
A beautiful, natural country park! A forest which combines games, art and the great outdoors. An incredible forest where rocks, branches and leaves become games, sculptures and characters. You’ll need a half-day to enjoy the 40 outdoor games, crazy instruments, treasure hunts and enormous hammocks: this forest is full of fantastic surprises! For young and old alike and everyone in between!


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