The Fishes

General information on Fishes

The aquatic world will never be fully explored and there’s still plenty we don’t know about this mysterious place. The secrets of Atlantis continue to be the subject of studies and conferences: fact or fiction? From 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea to the Big Blue, the desire to conquer the underwater world continues unabated!
Since 2015, La Ferme aux Crocodiles has provided visitors with an immersive experience: welcome to the world of fish!

What is a fish?
Like us, a fish is a vertebrate (fish bones) with fins. Its body is covered with scales and its body temperature, which depends on its environment, is variable. Fish are distinguished from other species by their ability to breathe in water with gills. It is estimated that there are some 27,000 species of fish overall, found in freshwater, salt water, warm water and cold water all over the world. They are incredibly adaptable: different species of fish can have different diets, different modes of reproduction, different sizes and can live in different (and even hostile) environments. They’ve lived alongside us since the dawn of time and have featured in mythology, traditions, culture and art – and, perhaps most importantly of all, on our plates!

Hold your breath and experience the marvellously silent underwater world of fish!

Fish species to be observed within the reserve

Gourami – Gogo

Clown loach

Red-bellied Piranha

Bala shark

Indonesian tiger – Tigerfish

Dragon fish – Formosus