Indonesian tiger – Tigerfish

I don’t have as many stripes as a tiger but I'm just as fierce – in water, of course!

About Indonesian tiger – Tigerfish

Scientific name :

Datnioides microlepis

Common name :

Indonesian tiger datnoid

Native to :

Thailand, Cambodia, Sumatra, Borneo

Size :

45 cm

Weight :

10 kg

Conservation status :


Reproduction :

it tolerates a certain salinity in the water in which it lives but it’s an anadromous fish which must return to freshwater to reproduce.

Diet :

this predator eats smaller fish which it “inhales” with its protrusible mouth (its mouth protrudes from its jaw to catch its prey)

Characteristics :

this fish is territorial and very aggressive towards other species. It likes to hide under wood which is underwater or floating on the surface; it swims sideways like a drifting dead leaf to get closer to the smaller fish it eats, without attracting any attention.

Location in the Tropical Reserve :

reticulated python pool

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