Rhinoceros iguana – Hulk

I’m the dominant male and I like to show it by hunting my rivals!

About Iguane rhinocéros - Hulk

Scientific name :

Cyclura cornuta

Common name :

rhinoceros iguana

Native to :

the Caribbean

Maximum size :

up to 1.3 metres

Weight :

up to 9 kg

Conservation status :

Vulnerable (VU)

Reproduction :

the female lays her eggs in a hole which is more than one metre deep and stands guard for the entire incubation period, lasting 85 days. Eggs are laid during the rainy season to prevent them drying out.

Diet :

his herbivorous animal eats leaves, flowers, berries and fruit.

Characteristics :

these animals tend to communicate with one another by using characteristic nods. The males use these nods to intimidate other males or to attract females.

Location in the Tropical Reserve :

sur l’île aux Pythons

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