Morelet’s crocodile – Tequila

I’m named after a French naturalist !

About Morelet’s crocodile – Tequila

Scientific name :

Crocodylus moreletti

Common name :

Morelet’s crocodile

Native to :


Maximum size :

up to 3.5 metres

Weight :

150 kg

Reproduction :

little is known about the Morelet’s breeding habits. We know that the female build its nest with plants to create a mound, in which it lays about twenty eggs. In its natural habbitat, the female lay its eggs from April to June. We assume that the mating season is in February.

Diet :

turtles, small mammals, fish, snails

Characteristics :

the Morelet's crocodile lives mainly in lakes and swamps. They’re naturally fearful, but the female can be very aggressive during the incubation period and stay close to its nest to get rid of any predators (monitor lizards, birds of prey and any other animals which eat eggs). The Morelet’s crocodile jaw is very strong and solid reminds us the alligator’s jaw.

Location in the Tropical Reserve :

near Gharial Island, next to the African spurred tortoises.

Conservation status :

Least Concern (LC)

Distribution :

Mexico, Belize, Guatemala

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