Albino American alligator – Albi

I’m the colour of ivory and I’m as rare and precious

About Albino American alligator – Albi

Scientific name :

Alligator mississipiensis

Common name :

albino American alligator

Native to :

the United States

Maximum size :

up to 5 meters

Weight :

up to 360 kg

Reproduction :

During the courtship dance, males are able to make the inside of their bodies shake, making the water vibrate which will attract the females. These vibrations can be heard up to a hundred meters under water.

Diet :

fish, turtles, various mammals, birds, other reptiles

Characteristics :

of all the 23 crocodilian species, the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) is certainly the most famous one. It mainly lives in Florida and Louisiana swamps, in the United States of America. In the 1970s it was facing the threat of extinction . Thanks to breeding programmes and balanced management of the populations in the wild, it is no longer endangered. Its white colour comes from a genetic anomaly, albinism, which makes it very vulnerable to predators and diseases in the wild, where it cannot survive.

Location in the Tropical Reserve :

in the vivariums at the entrance

Conservation status :

Least Concern (LC)

Distribution :

Florida, Louisiana, Texas

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