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At the crossroads of Vaucluse, Ardèche, Drôme and Cévennes, there is a territory that claims a unique character. A land with southern accents, Provençal flavors. Provence Occitan.
In the heart of the Gard, this corner imposes a separate identity. The one that was called Gard Rhodanien yesterday, now proudly proclaims its new appellation: Provence Occitane. Marked by history with human traces dating back to prehistory, placed under the sign of water over its rivers and its river which cross it out from their virgin shores, this land is dazzling with light, scents and colors.

The white of the limestone is answered by the mauve of the lavender. To the blue of its skies, is added the green of its forests, its vineyards and its scrubland. Here, nature is immense and preserved. Far from the crowds, in an authentic, almost wild atmosphere, the vast natural spaces rub shoulders with adorable towns and villages whose names resonate like the promise of beautiful discoveries. Aiguèze, La-Roque-sur-Cèze, Montclus… 632 km2 of pure happiness!


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