Waste reduction

23 November 2021

Reducing waste at La Ferme aux Crocodiles

On the occasion of the European waste reduction week, we invite you to discover some good practices exercised in our Tropical Reserve. For several years, La Ferme aux Crocodiles has implemented various actions to reduce, recycle and recover its waste.

All services are concerned! But what do we actually do?
Here are some examples of actions.


We sort the various waste paper, cardboard, plastic, plants, used batteries, printer cartridges… Specialized service providers then take care of collecting and recycling them.
We also involve our visitors! Especially in catering, where we ask them to sort their waste at the end of meals.


We use biodegradable disposable tableware: salad bowl, goblet, cutlery, napkin… These packaging are produced from different materials such as kraft cardboard, corn starch, sugar cane pulp, wood …
The packaging donated in our souvenir shop is also biodegradable. Indeed, the pouches and bags are made of kraft.


Our souvenir shop offers a few eco-designed items. For example a crocodile soft toy made from 8 plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are transformed into granules, which then become thread or fabric. And tadam! AURORA’s ECO NATION crocodile soft toys were born.


In order to limit food waste, the Carrefour store in Pierrelatte regularly gives us fruit and vegetables. These fruits and vegetables can no longer be sold in supermarkets, but make our animals happy, especially turtles and iguanas.


We reduce the quantities of tourist documents to be printed as much as possible: flyers, posters, brochures… so as not to have unused stock. In addition, these documents are printed on recycled paper by printers with the Imprim’vert label.

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