The new nursery at La Ferme aux Crocodiles is here!

17 May 2019

An immersive experience in Professor Cartoux’s base camp
An area spanning some 100 m2 with a decor inspired by the base camp of avid naturalist Professor Cartoux. Be transported in this observatory of living animals, which is a real haven for researchers, collectors and adventurers examining and studying crocodiles’ behaviour, particularly their reproduction.

In addition to panels explaining reproduction, incubation and the birth of these tropical species, visitors can also partake in fun, sensory experiences to learn more about these baby animals. Large aqua-terrariums and vivariums complete the nursery and feature the young of some of the species housed at La Ferme aux Crocodiles: crocodiles, of course, along with lizards, pythons, tortoises and turtles too. Inside the safari tent, continue your visit as you watch an educational film on camp beds. It’s a veritable crocodile museum, with a cabinet of curiosities containing the lifelong collection of Patrick Cartoux, an avid fan of these reptiles, to complete this immersive experience. Symbolic objects, which all pay tribute to crocodiles and have been found in the four corners of the globe at a flea market, on a far-flung trip and at auction, including a Dogon lock, a canoe prow, a neck rest from Papua New Guinea, skeletons, postcards and much more.

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