White-cheeked Turaco - Entoto

My song sond like barking, witch I use to signal my territory

About Entoto

Scientific name :

Toraco leucotis

Common name:

White-cheeked Turaco

Native to :

Montain ranges of Ethiopia

Size :

40 - 45 cm

Weight :

200 - 300 g

Conservation status:

Least concern (LC)

Lifespan :

10 - 12 years

Diet :

Mainly fruits and berrys, complemented by insect during mating season

Reproduction :

The female lay two eggs that hatch after 22 or 23 days

Characteristics :

Turacos are among the rare birds capable of synthesising their own pigments, notably for the bright red and deep green of their feathers

Location in the Tropical Reserve :

Roaming the greenhouse

Touraco à joues blanches - La Ferme aux Crocodiles Réserve Tropicale Pierrelatte

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