Bearded dragon – Warry

My yellow color allow me to be unseen in the sand !

About Pogona – Warry

Scientific name :

Pogona vitticeps

Common name :

central bearded dragon

Native to :


Maximum size :

up to 50 cm

Weight :

up to 500 g

Conservation status :


Reproduction :

after a gestation period of 21 days, eggs are laid by the female and left unattended until they hatch 60 to 80 days later.

Diet :

it feeds on small vertebrates (rodents, small lizards, etc.) and invertebrates (insects, worms, etc.) along with flowers, fruit and even leaves if the opportunity arises.

Characteristics :

the Pogona vitticeps is a desert lizard which has adapted particularly well to its environment. It can puff out its spiny throat if it feels threatened.

Location in the Tropical Reserve :

in the Adventure Area

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