Spectacled caiman – Potter

My name comes from my two bony ridges which look like a pair of glasses

About Spectacled caiman – Potter

Scientific name :

Caiman crocodilus

Common name :

spectacled caiman

Native to :

Central America and South America

Maximum size :

up to 2 metres

Weight :

up to 40 kg

Conservation status :

Least concern

Reproduction :

during the wet season, the female lays her eggs in a nest made from plant debris.

Diet :

this opportunist eats anything it can find. Insects, crustaceans and molluscs for the young and fish and small mammals for adults.

Characteristics :

this species is quite common for several reasons: its opportunistic diet enables it to adapt more easily to different environments and its tough skin means that it’s an undesirable prey for hunters. As a result, it faces less competition because other crocodilian species are hunted more intensively.

Location in the Tropical Reserve :

on Tortoise Island, opposite the Aldabra giant tortoises

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