Nile crocodile – Schwarzie

I’m the most attractive and the strongest crocodile !

About Nile crocodile – Schwarzie

Scientific name :

Crocodylus niloticus

Common name :

Nile crocodile

Native to :

the area between the Southern Sahara and South Africa and around Madagascar

Maximum size :

6 metres

Weight :

up to 1 tonne

Diet :

carnivorous (meat, chicken, etc.)

Characteristics :

the Nile crocodile is an excellent hunter in water, propelling itself with its tail; when its prey comes to drink, the crocodile grabs it, draggs it underwater and drowns it. Although it is known for eating humans, crocodiles have few needs and can fast for several months, especially when it’s cold.

Location in the Tropical Reserve :

the biggest pond in the glasshouse, arround Crocodile Island 1 and Crocodile Island 2

Reproduction :

the female lays 10 to 60 eggs, once a year, in a hole which she digs in the sand. The female protects its nest during 90-days which is the incubation period; when the egg hatch, the baby crocodile is self-sufficient: it can feed itself and already knows how to swim! Mummy continues to protect the offspring for a few more months.

Conservation status :

Least Concern (LC)

Distribution :

from South-Sahara to South-Africa and Madagascar

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