Aven d’Orgnac

A natural masterpiece
The cave is a majestic underground cathedral, measuring up to 55 metres high – as tall as Niagara Falls. Explore this magical world with huge palm trees, crystal formations and plenty of other treasures besides. At a depth of 121 metres, enjoy a truly magical show. It’s easy and quick to reach ground level in the lift!
For visitors who want to access Aven d’Orgnac’s beautifully preserved and best-kept secrets, caving trips are organised throughout the year.
You can also enjoy a virtual reality experience to take a closer look at the cave’s inaccessible areas.

Prehistoric treasures
Can you hear the crackle of the fire in the hallway and the melodic sound of the flute? Explore La Cité de la Préhistoire on your own or on a guided tour and be transported to another era!
This museum covers some 350,000 years of human history and features a range of millennia-old items which belonged to our ancestors. Excavate like a real archaeologist on our touch tables, challenge our cave hyena and, depending on the season, enjoy our prehistoric activities* – fire, flint, spear shooting.

A breath of fresh air
Hiking trail – free map at reception, tree-filled gardens, picnic area and playground, free shady parking, farm shop, book shop, souvenirs, snack bar, bar, restaurant and more.


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