Big trees

Big trees

While going around you will be able to admire magnificent ficus trees some of them aged more than 40 years. fern and palm trees trees as well as a nice african baobab tree.

The crocodile farm owns a dozen of fig tree variety such as the Benghalese or the long leaf fig tree. Half way between the tree and the vine, these tropical plants grow aerial roots from their branches. These, when they reach the ground, form a new tunk. The crocodile farm loves specifically the three edges palm tree which, a endangered species from Madagascar. Ecosystem destruction and the palm hart trade are the main palm tree threats.

Above the alligators pool, or magestic Chorisa spreads  its spiny branches. Its fruits resemble large eggs containing fibrous seeds often used to fulfill pillows or as insulating material.

The Roxburgh fig tree is native of Asia.  It figs grow in clusters directly from the trunk. It can reach up to 10 meters high and its leaves up to 50 cm in diameter.

The asian pipal tree is considered as sacred in the buddhist religion. It can become huge (30 meter high) and the oldest tree of the kind is 2150 years old.

The Bismarkia is a great palm tree displaying caractéritisc large blue/gray leaves.  This tree endemic to Madagascar can reach 25 meter high.