Galápagos tortoise – Franck

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About Galápagos tortoise – Franck

Scientific name :

Chelonoidis nigra

Common name :

Galápagos tortoise

Native to :

the Galápagos archipelago - Our Galápagos tortoises were born in captivity in Zurich Zoo.

Maximum size :

1.2 meters

Weight :

400 kg

Lifespan :

170 years

Conservation status :

Endangered (EN)

Reproduction :

mating takes place at the end of the wet season in the Galápagos islands in August and September. Coitus is very quick. The incubation period lasts roughly 90 days.

Diet :

plants, fresh grass, fruit (occasionally carnivorous)

Characteristics :

along with the Aldabra giant tortoise, it’s one of the two heaviest tortoise species on earth (up to 400 kg in captivity). It has a very long neck and some subspecies even have a saddle-shaped shell which helps the tortoise catch its food higher up.The blackish colour of its skin is also one of its characteristics.

Location in the Tropical Reserve :

on Tortoise Island

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