Galápagos tortoise – Franck

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About Galápagos tortoise – Franck

Scientific name :

Chelonoidis nigra

Common name :

Galápagos tortoise

Native to :

the Galápagos archipelago - Our Galápagos tortoises were born in captivity in Zurich Zoo.

Maximum size :

1.2 metres

Weight :

400 kg

Lifespan :

170 years

Conservation status


Reproduction :

mating takes place at the end of the wet season in the Galápagos in August and September. Coitus is very quick. The incubation period lasts roughly 90 days.

Diet :

plants, fresh grass, fruit (occasionally carnivorous)

Characteristics :

along with the Aldabra giant tortoise, it’s one of the two heaviest tortoise species on earth (up to 400 kg in captivity). It has a very long neck and some subspecies even have a saddle-shaped carapace for ease of neck movement which enables the tortoise to eat plants which grow higher up. The blackish colour of its skin is also characteristic.

Location in the Tropical Reserve :

on Tortoise Island

Répartition géographique

Conservation status

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