Pig-nosed turtle – Micheline

When we’re babies, we’re round and our carapace has multiple teeth which make us look like circular saw blades to deter our predators!

About Pig-nosed turtle – Micheline

Scientific name :

Carettochelys insculpta

Common name :

pig-nosed turtle

Native to :

Papua New Guinea and North Australia

Size :

up to 70 cm

Weight :

up to 30 kg

Conservation status :

Vulnerable (VU)

Diet :

omnivorous (plants and animals)

Characteristics :

The pig-nosed turtle is unique. It’s the largest Australian freshwater turtle and has a prominent “snout”, hence its common name. It is the only freshwater turtle whose legs resemble the fins of sea turtles. Its carapace is covered with a thin, smooth skin.

Location in the Tropical Reserve :

on Python Island

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