African dwarf crocodile – Sédjè and Togbota

Small and discreet!

About African dwarf crocodile – Sédjè and Togbota

Scientific name :

Osteolaemus tetraspis

Common name :

African dwarf crocodile

Native to :

West Africa (from Guinea to Angola)

Maximum size :

2 meters

Weight :

30-45 kg

Conservation status

Vulnerable (VU)

Characteristics :

robust and stocky, the crocodile’s skin is covered in bony plates; thanks to that it is difficult to use its skin for the leather industry. However, Dwarf crocodiles are killed for their meat and used in traditional medicine. They also tend to disappear in their natural habitat because of the deforestation.

Location in the Tropical Reserve :

vivarium at the entrance

Reproduction :

We know that the female build its nest with plants to create a mound, in which it lays about twenty eggs.

Diet :

carnivorous (small mammals, etc.)

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