Green anaconda – Guyana

Female species can weigh up to 200 kg, more than 2.5 times what I weigh!

About Green anaconda – Roger

Scientific name :

Eunectes murinus

Common name :

green anaconda

Native to :

South America

Maximum size :

up to 5 meters

Weight :

up to 70 kg

Conservation status :


Reproduction :

the green anaconda is ovoviviparous; its gestation period, during which the female keeps the fertilised eggs inside her body, can last up to 7 months. Baby anacondas are born in broods of 20 to 40.

Diet :

the green anaconda eats a wide variety of prey including birds, fish, mammals and even other reptiles. The size of the anaconda’s prey is determined by the anaconda’s own size because it uses constriction to hunt and must therefore be more powerful than its target.

Characteristics :

this species spends most of its time in the water, where it’s much more comfortable than on land.

Location in the Tropical Reserve :

in the cave on Python Island

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