Large trees

As you wander around, admire some of our magnificent ficus trees, which are more than forty years old, ferns, palm trees and more.
La Ferme aux Crocodiles has ten varieties of ficus, including the Ficus benghalensis and the Ficus longifolia. Somewhere between a tree and a vine, these tropical plants have aerial roots which grow from their branches; when they reach the ground, these roots can form new trunks. Above the alligator pool, the Chorisia or silk floss tree is sitting pretty. Its fruit look like large eggs and contain fibrous seeds which are often used for padding cushions or as insulation.

The Roxburgh fig tree is native to Asia; its figs grow in a cluster on the trunk. It can grow to be 10 metres tall and its leaves can measure 50 cm in diameter.

The Ficus religiosa or sacred fig tree is also native to Asia and is a sacred tree for Buddhists. It can grow up to 30 metres tall. The oldest Ficus religiosa is 2,150 years old.

The Bismarckia nobilis is a magnificent blue palm tree which is native to Madagascar. The palm tree can grow up to 25 metres tall.

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