Turaco – Kirikou

I pretend to be Tarzan, jumping from branch to branch!

About Turaco – Kirikou

Scientific name :

Musophaga violacea

Common name :

violet touraco

Native to :

West Africa

Maximum size :

48 cm


360 g

Conservation status


Reproduction :

the monogamous male breeds with a single female after the rainy season. Two greyish-white eggs are laid in a platform nest, 6 metres above the ground; incubated by both parents, the eggs hatch after about 25 days

Diet :

frugivorous (figs, bananas, papayas, etc.)

Characteristics :

it lives in pairs or small groups of a dozen individuals in wooded areas, close to streams; it’s a poor flyer and prefers to run and jump from branch to branch. It creates a red pigment, turacin, which is soluble in water. It’s the last specimen of a group of males – take the time to observe it.

Location in the Tropical Reserve :

the birds are free to fly in the greenhouse – you can take a closer look at them during the daily event on Bird Island

Conservation status

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