Yellow anaconda – Eugène

I can stay underwater for 20 minutes without breathing

About Yellow anaconda – Eugène

Scientific name :

Eunectes notaeus

Common name :

yellow anaconda

Native to :

South America

Maximum size :

up to 4.5 meters

Weight :

up to 55 kg

Conservation status :


Reproduction :

like its famous green cousin, the yellow anaconda is ovoviviparous. After a gestation period, the female gives birth directly to small and perfectly formed anacondas which are immediately self-sufficient.

Diet :

the anaconda eats a wide variety of prey including birds, fish, mammals and even other reptiles. The size of the anaconda’s prey is determined by the anaconda’s own size because it uses constriction to hunt and must therefore be more powerful than its target.

Characteristics :

the yellow anaconda is a constrictor snake; it doesn’t have any venom and suffocates its prey instead. It prefers aquatic environments where it finds it easier to move around.

Location in the Tropical Reserve :

in the cave on Python Island

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